Frustrated to Flourishing

For Introverts ready to turn their flourishing up a notch

(or two)

If you're an introvert who is tired of pretending in order to fit in and get on, I can help you, so please read on.

With so many changes in the world of work and business, we've all been re-evaluating what's important to us.

Our thoughts and conversations have included ...

  • If and how we want to work
  • The type of work we want to be doing
  • Where we want to live

and finally, perhaps most importantly ...

  • Who we really want to be

For introverts specifically, this time of change presents us with the opportunity to consider how we show up and play to our strengths authentically, in whatever we do in life.

Just imagine, no more bending yourself out of shape just to fit in, no more putting up with being overlooked and no more apologising for being you are.

Sounds appealing doesn't it?

Now is the perfect time to create a life you love so you're able to be who you want to be.

Join me to Flourish
Dr Lynn Soots

If this remarkable period in time has taught us anything, it must include realising that life is too short to sell our souls by doing things that don't fulfil us.

This is particularly true for introverts. In fact, if you're anything like me, you'll have spent years feeling you're not being your fully expressed self and being frustrated in the process. I see you.

So, I've created the beta version of this Frustrated to Flourishing programme specifically for people who are craving development in a safe, private space.

Here are the main outcomes. By the end of the programme you'll have

  • created your own 'youprint' (blueprint is way too generic I think) so you can create a life you love where you're authentically playing to your introverted strengths
  • practical tools & techniques so you can step away from the disempowering habits and unhelpful patterns that hold you back
  • met your Inner Critic & Inner Advocate and be engaging with them appropriately
  • expanded your comfort zone congruently, so you're not playing small or hiding inside your introversion
  • a plan to increase your visibility and credibility enabling your future self to have real presence
  • identified and owned your authority so that you're able to step into your power
  • experience of showing up in your life as a role model for others to follow

All of this valuable content is approached from an introverted perspective to suit our particular needs.

What does that mean?

Whilst it is a reflective, deep dive programme that is challenging and supportive in equal measure, this beta version is delivered online. There is no requirement to continually share with strangers, no whooping & hollering, and best of all, no competition.

By now, you may be wondering who I am so let me introduce myself.

I'm Joanna Rawbone MSc, an 'Open Introvert', with a professional training, coaching & facilitation business. I've been doing this work with corporate clients from around the globe for over 25 yrs.

I didn't find out I was an introvert until I was in my 30's so life until then had been challenging. And it wasn't until much later that I worked out how to play to my strengths.

I've attended my fair share of development programmes that completely ignored our aspect of neurodiversity, so I'm championing equity & inclusion in personal development.

As an introvert and an experienced change agent, I'm your guide on any programme we undertake together. Successful guides are trusted because they have been there before. They know the route, the terrain, the conditions and where the dangers lie.

I know this path so I will be alongside you supporting, challenging and encouraging as you take each step.  The remarkable thing about flourishing is that it's a process not an outcome, a journey not a destination.

And this Frustrated to Flourishing programme is no different. 

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This 9 week programme naturally flows through 5 phases.

Phase 1: Where are you now?

As with any journey, being clear about where you're starting from gives you the best chance to set off in the right direction and being able to appreciate the progress you're making.

This is where you'll be undertaking an audit of your introvert strengths, establishing your current comfort zone & taking a long, hard look at your habits. You'll have a clear understanding of what will be helpful to you on this journey and what needs modifying or leaving behind so you're not holding yourself back.

On completion of this phase, you’ll be clear about the gems you have at your disposal as an introvert and how you've used them in your life so far.

Phase 2: Where do you want to be?

Once you are clear about your starting point, I will help you to turn your sights to the future. This is where the fun really starts as your dreaming is crystallised and any naysayers silenced.

As Tony Robbins says .... “Lead a life of your own design, on your own terms.

Not one that others or the environment have scripted for you.”

I've designed this process so you'll be taking a 'whole-life' approach. This means that other stakeholders in your life can be engaged as necessary, something we introverts often struggle with.

On completion of this phase, you’ll have a compelling picture of the life you're creating that will act as your north-star.

Phase 3: How to get there.

I was once taught 'Planning is everything, the plan is nothing'. This lesson has served me well for many years as it gives me the flexibility I need to navigate challenges en-route. By sharing this, you'll be resourced to handle your own challenges deftly.

During this phase you have the opportunity to meet with and engage your Inner Critic so that you can work with them more harmoniously. As introverts we tend to have an active Inner Critic as we spend so much time in out heads. That is why meeting the best PA & gatekeeper you'll ever have, your Inner Advocate is so necessary. If you're spending time in your head, make it a great place to be. With a working knowledge of these two sub-personalities, you finalise your plans so you can embody your 'authority' in all areas of your life.

On completion of this phase, you’ll have created your personal blueprint, your 'Youprint' so you can show up authentically.    

Phase 4: Making it happen

In the words of Simon Sinek "Dream big, start small, but most of all, start."

I recognise that starting can be the most difficult step to take as an introvert. Unless we're vigilant, our self-doubts, old habits and excuses resurface, so we retreat back into the depths of our comfort zone. I get it because I've been there. But you're not on your own this time. You have your trusted guide and the support of the many tools and techniques now at your disposal.

This means you're already looking forward to putting your plans into action.

On completion of this phase, you’ll see the fruit of your labour as your desired life begins to materialise.

Phase 5: Measuring Success & Celebration

Too many of us dismiss our successes and quickly move onto the next thing. This downplays the effort it took to make our desired and required changes.

Having established your benchmark measures during Phase 1 of the programme, you are now able to look back to see how far you've come. You'll be encouraged to spend some time enjoying being where you are now. Yes, growth and development is part of the human condition, and so is appreciating where we are. Once you've enjoyed the 'lungs full of air' and peace you've created, you'll be ready to think about what's next in your flourishing journey.

On completion of this phase, you’ll have the satisfaction of viewing your progress objectively and enjoying the pleasures of your new life.    

The programme starts on Monday, Oct 12th. Each Monday morning, at 08:00 London time, you'll have access to your new module in the private and secure online community platform (not Facebook).

Every week you'll find a short video of me introducing you to the guided activities for the week. You'll be able to post your progress for each module and post questions for me to answer. Because it is a secure community, I'll be alerted to any questions.

There are downloadable workbooks for each module and all the resources you need so the programme will be both engaging and easy to follow.

Because this is a beta version where you'll be helping me to refine the final course, you get all of this for the never to be seen again price of £249.00. Once your feedback has been actioned and the course refined, the final course will be £1149.

Places are limited to 12 for this beta version.

As one introvert to another, I'd like to invite you to join me.

Moving from Frustrated to Flourishing begins with one simple step.

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