Introvert Elevator

The membership for Introverts ready to apply themselves consistently to the process of flourishing.

Chances are, you're already achieving great things because you haven't allowed your introversion to hold you back.

You'll have faced many challenges in your career, some reaching a successful outcome and others providing you with great learning.

But, you know you have more to offer and the best is yet to come.

What you're looking for now is that regular support, training and accountability, tailored specifically to enable you, as an introvert, to reach your potential.

Sounding familiar? Then this membership could be for you if you're ready to

  • reach that next position in business
  • play to and develop your introvert strengths
  • develop your presence authentically

Purpose + Passion overcomes fear, making you unstoppable.

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Meet Joanna

As the founder of Flourishing Introverts, Joanna knows only too well what it takes to rise to a different level. A trainer, coach and facilitator since 1987, Joanna is experienced in facilitating change with clients of all levels. She has overcome some big challenges in her career and is now taking on her biggest: to shift the extraversion bias in business.

Part of her mission is to enable introverts to flourish without pretending to be something they're not.

Having already run successful programmes for introverts, it's time to her membership; Introvert Elevator.

Joanna is committed to supporting those who will put in effort to reap their own reward.

Flourishing Introvert

What's in the Elevator?

Like any great membership, we take our responsibility to serve seriously. And, there are some things that make this membership different.

  • Firstly, it's not hosted on Facebook as so many have asked me to host it elsewhere. I've listened and delivered.
  • Secondly, you'll have early access to new courses at a discount, and the opportunity to book 1:1 time with me.
  • Thirdly, I'll be adding things based on your needs and suggestions. This is after all, your community. Of course, everything will be tailored to introverts and your type of introversion, because we're about inclusion not division.

So far, our community have asked for

Live trainings

These will be delivered by me and expert guests. They will be scheduled so you know what to expect and when.

Topics so far include

  • Networking for Success
  • Developing Personal Presence
  • Quietly Impactful Presenting

Downloadable resources

People have suggested this is like having a 'Jo in your pocket'. Resources to turn to when you're in a fix and need something quickly.

Some are short videos, some are worksheets and others blogs or podcasts.


Questions will be answered regularly in the community and monthly on live zoom calls.

They are both great ways to add to your own learning whilst you support others in theirs.

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