Introverts: Be seen, be heard, be valued

Building your confidence to authentically step up into the next big role

Are you an introvert who is tired of being overlooked and undervalued?

You've probably had feedback about needing to speak up and push yourself forward, but know you have to do it authentically.

Who decided that extraversion is the norm?

The question above has bothered me for some time now, as during my earlier working years, extraverted behaviour was certainly not the ideal. Has that been your experience too? I don't know when this shift happened, but it's time to redress the balance.

How do we shift the extraversion bias so the balance gets redressed?

Well, we could wait in hope until the prevailing culture changes, but I can assure your that hope isn't a good enough strategy for change. So this leaves personal responsibility. I love seeing the shift introverts can make when they take responsibility for their futures.

  • Quiet voices become clear and purposeful
  • Previously unheard messages become compelling
  • Self-doubt is overtaken by confidence
  • Playing small is overshadowed by courage
  • Pretending is replaced by authenticity

These are the shifts that I've experienced and helped others to achieve. We may be introverts but that doesn't make us 'less than', unambitious or weird. We're just wired differently. And once you understand the wiring diagram, anything is possible.

Introvert Emerging; the way to stop hiding inside your introversion

What is hiding costing you?

And if you don't know yet, it's time to do a tally. Here's what it was costing introverts like you.


Hiding cost Andrea her voice

Andrea is a gentle soul who was actually being discriminated against in the workplace. This is a story I hear from so many introverts, who just quietly put up with the situation. Andrea was playing small and knowing that something had to change, worked with me to find her voice so she could finally be heard. And she was! She is now confidently project managing the events for a huge corporation. Andrea was also then invited to undertake a masters certificate program on Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University. It's fair to say, Andrea is not hiding anymore. Better than that, she is now championing the cause for equitable inclusion so continues to be heard and make a difference.


Playing small was costing Tebogo her heritage

Tebogo was being encouraged to share her own personal stories against the backdrop of her cultural heritage, however, lacked the confidence to be in any spotlight. She wasn't sure that people would be interested. Not only were we denied those powerful stories, but Tebogo was inadvertently downplaying the importance of her heritage. Once she completed her own journey working with the strategies, tools and techniques I shared, she went on to speak at a global diversity, equity and inclusion summit. And that's just the beginning.

Tebogo said "The process, practical exercises, check-ins collectively helped crack open my inner cocoon. Finally I am basking in my own light, which I wish to share with the world, being my best self."


Pretending had cost Paul his energy

Paul, a serial entrepreneur and powerful coach and captivating speaker, had always been puzzled by his need to retreat and believed there was something wrong with him. So like many of us, he pretended to be more extraverted in an attempt to fit in with business and societal norms. And then he was able to stop pretending and play to his introvert strengths.

Paul said "5 years ago, as I listened to Joanna Rawbone make the distinctions as to what defines an introvert, my life changed. Before the conversation, I was very much about "trying to fit in". After the conversation, I simply left that on the chair like it was a heavy cumbersome overcoat that never fitted. Trying stopped, 'being' began, and 'I' made sense to 'me'." 

I'm Joanna Rawbone MSc, an 'Open Introvert', and I've been running my professional training, coaching & facilitation business, working with corporate clients globally for over 25 years.

It hasn't always been easy though. For decades, I pretended to be more like my extraverted colleagues as I thought that's what it took to be successful. Then I realised; success comes from being unapologetically me. So now, I flourish as an introvert and am committed to enabling others to do the same.

I've attended my fair share of development programmes that completely ignored our aspect of neurodiversity, so I'm championing equity & inclusion in personal & business development.

Join me for your own Introvert Emerging journey

Are you ready to emerge?

Introvert Emerging is specifically designed to suit ambitious introverts who are ready to move up to the next level in their career.

* This is a reflective, deep dive journey where you will be invited to grow in a calm, safe and nurturing environment.

* You'll be taking the small yet significant steps that expand your comfort zone in a sustainable way.

* I will be alongside you as your guide, supporting, challenging and encouraging as you take each step.  

* There is no requirement to share with strangers, no whooping & hollering, and best of all, no competition.

What can you expect?

Module 1: Dreaming & Drafting

It's hard to change, grow & develop if you don't know where you're heading & why you're starting out. By creating your YOUPrint (who needs a generic blueprint anyway), you have your route map to success.

Module 2: Your Inner & Outer Network

Transformational journeys are rarely straightforward, so harnessing the support of your inner & outer networks is crucial for when the road gets rocky.

Module 3: Finding your True Voice.

The measured quality of an introvert's voice has the power to stop people in their tracks. By accessing your quietly powerful voice, you find your resonance for authority, your pace for clarity and your language for engagement.

Implementation week

Taking time to put the newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice is a vital step in confidence building. After all, confidence comes from doing, not from waiting to feel more confident so expect a bag-full of simple yet powerful exercises.

Module 4: Personal Presence

Time to step out from the shadows so you stand in your own authority and take your rightful place. Showing up powerfully enables you to make the right impression and command respect.

Module 5: Making it Happen

Time to review your progress to date, create your actionable plan, with relevant milestones and success measures. Consciously including some 'relapse prevention strategies' enables you to be prepared for when things get tough.

Bonus: Maintaining Momentum

This bonus session, available only to those who paid in full, enables you to keep your momentum right into the start of 2022. Ensuring you have well-formed strategies prevent relapses and refining your action plans is what keeps you moving in the right direction.

The course starts on November 10th 2021.

Places are strictly limited as this is a facilitated course and we know introverts don't do well in crowded & busy spaces.

The training & coaching sessions are Wednesday's on Zoom at 19:30 London time. The sessions will be recorded (with delegate's permission) so that you can watch again and/or catch up at your leisure. 

The group coaching sessions are on Monday's, again on Zoom, and are a chance for you to bring your questions and share your progress before we get into the next module.

There are downloadable workbooks for each module so the course easy to follow and you can track your progress.

You get all of this for £759.00 (inc. VAT) or 2 payments of £379.50 (inc. VAT) The first payment is taken at time of booking, the second will be taken 4 weeks after the first payment.

You also have an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee; no questions, no drama, no hard-feelings.

Join Introvert Emerging now


Will this work for me?

Yes it will if you engage with the process, use the materials provided and apply the principles. I can't do the work for you but I can guide you so you maximise your chances of success.

Can you invoice my employer?

Absolutely. I run a VAT registered Limited company here in the UK, so am used to dealing with corporate clients.  

Are the group coaching sessions mandatory?

Let's be clear here - nothing is mandatory. You are an adult, responsible for yourself. I can share the benefits of group coaching though. In a group, as someone is working through an issue they've brought, you'll be simultaneously working on your own issues, especially if there is a degree of commonality. So it's both time efficient and learning rich. And, as an added bonus, not all of the attention is on one person which is it in 1:1 coaching.

How much time will it take each week?

This is a bit like 'how long is a piece of string', and I'm not being flippant. You see, we all learn differently and apply the learning differently too. Personally, I would put aside a couple of hours a week, and it doesn't have to be in one chunk.  

I'm quiet shy, so do I have to have my camera on in the Zoom sessions?

I'd prefer it if you did, as I can see much better how the content and my training is reaching you. However, if that's too far out of your comfort zone to start with, then engage using the chat box and reactions.  

Does my location matter?

Not at all. I've timed the sessions to work almost everywhere in the world and of course, everything will be recorded, so if the timing isn't great for you, you can still catch up.  

Flourishing begins with a decision and one simple step.

As one introvert to another, I invite you to join me so you can step up confidently in 2022.