Introvert Emerging

A guided programme to prepare you for a positive re-entry into the workplace

Your chance to be fully ready to emerge from 'lock-down', return to work and flourish.

You’re an introvert. And I have a hunch that you’ve been quietly enjoying working from home over the past months ... especially if you have a quiet, understanding household. 

  • No crowded commute both ends of the day.
  • No big open-plan noisy office.
  • No ‘have you got a minute’ unstructured meetings.

The truth is, for many of us working at home has meant time to breathe, to reflect, to consider. You have probably thrived and your productivity is up.

But with lockdown easing it’s only a matter of time before you will be expected to go back, albeit a few days a week to start with.

And, it's quite possible that secretly, you’re dreading returning to the throng, to the over-exuberance, to being mentally drained by the middle of the day and trying to find a quiet spot to do your best work.   

Am I right?

Join me so you can emerge and flourish

What if I told you there was a way of taking some of the benefits of lock-down back to work with you?

What if I told you that you could harness those things you’ve enjoyed most and not give them up when isolation comes to an end?

What if I told you that there are some simple, practical tools and techniques that will support your return to work - so that you don’t have to pretend, don’t have to hide or feel awkward or drained by office-life?

Well, that IS what I’m telling you.

And it’s why I created the Introvert Emerging programme. 

I'm Joanna Rawbone MSc, an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator working with international clients for over 25 years. 

Join me on this journey

In this 3-module programme, I will help you to get complete clarity about your path back to work: what you want to 'do' differently and how you want to ‘be’. Given the amount of time that has passed, this is a fantastic opportunity to press the reset button.

By working together, I will help you treat your return to work as starting out with a ‘clean sheet’. You get to press reset on the old habits that weren't serving you, adopt an approach that feels really authentic and learn how to change the response you get from your colleagues.

If you’re tired of being overlooked, spoken over or mocked and want to make the most of this next period of your life, this programme is just for you.

It’s a journey that we’ll be on together.  I’ll be your guide, and as it's purpose-designed for our time, I'll be travelling alongside you 'live' in each of these three bespoke modules.  My role as your guide is to show you the way, pointing out things of interest as we progress, maintaining momentum and helping you to navigate any rockfalls. 

You can join me on this journey for just £49 

Module 1: Taking Stock

As with the start of any successful journey, we’ll establish your starting point, your chosen destination, and your route.

You’ll be taking some time to purposefully reflect on the upsides and benefits of lock-down: what aspects of this way of working you’d like to continue in some form.  And we’ll be exploring the reality of your return - what is it that you are going back to and what needs to change. 

This is the starting point, the initial planning, for our journey where we test commitment and develop trust in one another. 

On completion of this module, you’ll have clarity about your needs, strengths and opportunities.

Module 2: Shapeshifting

Just to clarify, this programme is not about changing your personality, becoming more extraverted or learning to pretend. That’s what the existing extraversion bias has been pushing you to do and I am committed to bringing that to an end. But, as a result of this programme, you can expect to be perceived differently by your colleagues. 

This fabulous module is where you get to decide how you want to show up in the future. We’ll be exploring your super-powers and working out how you can play to those strengths. We’ll identify who you need to have powerful conversations with so that you reset your work-life to suit your needs. And we’ll be getting clear on where your boundaries need to be so that we can put those in place. Properly.

This is like setting up base-camp for our journey where we get to acclimatise, orientate ourselves and understand the lay of the land.

On completion of this module, you’ll have identified your desired and required changes and put together a clear plan and process for achieving them. 

Module 3: Embedding Change

If you’ve tried to change something but the change hasn't lasted, you’re not alone! As an experienced trainer, coach & facilitator, I know that intentions are one thing, but consistent application is something else entirely.

During this invaluable module you’ll explore the ways in which your intended change may be hijacked, either by yourself or by others.

This is where you’ll learn how to successfully navigate the predictable and unforeseen hazards along your planned route so that you reach your destination safely.

On completion of this module, you’ll have created and tested your re-entry blueprint so you can return with confidence.    

Together, we can take the best from this unprecedented situation and use it to our advantage

Let me help you plan your return to work with hope and excitement rather than dread.

Let me help you to emerge from lock-down and flourish.

Let’s travel this path together.

Our journey starts on Wednesday April 14th at 19.30 BST and we meet at the same time for 3 consecutive weeks on Zoom. Details and reminders will provided after registration. Each module lasts for 45 mins plus Q&A time, so I'd allow an hour. 

There will be downloadable workbooks and supporting resources to make this journey easy to follow.

The sessions will be recorded so that you can watch again and/or catch up at your leisure.  

Take this journey with me for £49 and flourish on your return to work.

Take this journey with me